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Cold Water Protective Clothing Guidelines

After their raft flips in the cold waters of the South Fork Boise River, Russ Campbell and Amy Gerver cling to the upside down raft through a long rapid. They are experienced rafters and are dressed in “Farmer John” neoprene wetsuits, neoprene booties, neoprene gloves, waterproof paddle jackets, life jackets, and helmets. However, within only a few minutes in the very cold water, they are unable to respond to instructions, or swim to shore. They die soon thereafter of hypothermia or drowning. Their unfortunate deaths have been a catalyst for my research into water temperature ranges, survival time in cold water, and protective clothing for cold water boating.

Water temperatures March – July, in the Northern Rockies. These temperatures are a summary of measurements taken on Fish Creek, a tributary of Idaho’s Lochsa River, and at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery near Stanley on Idaho’s Salmon River.Fish Cr. measurements, courtesy of Idaho Dept of Fish & Game, Alan Byrne 1998 ( My Lochsa River pundits tell me Fish Cr. is one of Lochsa River’s warmer tributaries. I use it because of good temperature data from Steelhead study). Salmon River measurements, mean temps 1999-2000, courtesy of Sawtooth Fish Hatchery, Idaho Dept of Fish & Game

A Hot Topic: Flammable Cleaning Solutions To Avoid

Charlotte Maid ServicesFire is an element of nature that can destroy your entire house, and even cause a terrible painfully death, in just a couple of minutes. For this reason, the responsible thing to do is to avoid the following list shown in this article of flammable cleaning solutions.

The most flammable liquids used around the world are cleaning solutions. These solutions are carefully used in Charlotte cleaning service or maid service because of their effectiveness in cleaning, therefore they have the right precautions in your house and the cleaning employees are carefully instructed.

How to Identify Them?

If the product is flammable it has to be marked on the label, and most of them contain in their components flammable chemicals such as alcohol, oil or acetone.

What to Do if Needed?

If these kind of products are needed, we need to consider safety rules for their storage in our home and proper use, preventing leaks and potential ignition such as high temperatures, electrical outlets, heating systems and electronic equipment that may trigger a spark.

Another step would be keeping the inflammable products out the children’s reach because they can emit hazardous and toxic gasses from the bottle. Drink this products would be jeopardizing to children’s and adult’s heath, and immediate medical attention will be needed.

List of the Most Common Flammable Cleaning Solutions Used at Home

• Drain opener

• Aerosol cans of oven cleaner

• Liquid disinfectant sprays

• Detergents

• Bleach

• Liquid fabric softeners

• Laundry additives

• Thinners and lacquers and liquid wood finishes

• Any solution that contains oil

• Any solution that contains Acetone

• Any solution that contains Alcohol.

To secure the house and family members from harm, preventing fire is a very important thing to keep in mind. If a person doesn’t have a proper knowledge of the use and storage of these products, the recommended choice is to hire Charlotte maid service that has the proper products and knowledge, being responsible and trustworthy for your home.

Fire Safety In the Work Environment

Bag Sealing EquipmentIndustries make different products such as chemicals, toys, electrical goods and furniture. An industrial environment is prone to fire frequently due to unforeseen accidents that may have been started by an electric fault or an unfinished cigarette thrown in a garbage bin among others.

All the above incidents can be prevented early so as to eliminate chances of burning down the property. Below are fire safety tips that would make an industry safe to work in.

Fire protection system

Every state has rules and regulations that require any factory to install fire extinguishers and other fire protection systems before beginning operations. Installing fire extinguishers near entrances, exits, near bag sealing equipment, corridors and staircase landing among others is one way to ensure in case of a fire, workers can be able to control and eliminate it with the easily accessible extinguishers.

Other systems such as automatic sprinklers that utilize either water or non combustible gases need to be installed so as to protect the factory.

Frequent fire drills

Factory management should come up with a policy that would help to guide them on how frequently they should hold fire drills. Fire drills help to train the workers on what they should do in case there is a fire. The fire drill exercises help in training the workers to know how to respond in case of an emergency, how to use fire extinguishers, how to access fire exits properly and lastly first aid exercises.

Frequent checkup and repair of electrical systems

Electrical sparks are the main suspects to start a fire in a factory. This may be brought about by faulty wires that when they come into contact from time to time, sparks are generated which usually jump from one direction to another and finally resting on the floor. If the floor has combustible spilled chemicals or paper trash thrown around or combustible fabrics, a fire will start which if not checked will raze the bag closing equipment factory down.

In conclusion, factories should observe fire safety tips such as installation of fire prevention sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and repair of electrical faults. Other tips include frequent cleanup of garbage which contains papers and a policy that will prevent workers from smoking in a factory floor.

Uptown Charlotte Condos: How to Reduce the Risk of Fire

uptown charlotte condos For most individuals living in Uptown Charlotte condos, one of their biggest fears they face is the risk of a fire outbreak. Sadly, for condo dwellers, it is impossible to fully control what goes on in the entire condo. You have to hold on to the hope that your neighbors will act responsibly and put on all measures to prevent fire outbreak.

As such, it’s the responsibility of everyone living in a condominium to avoid acting in a way that puts the other occupiers under increased risks of a fire outbreak. But what do you do to lower your chance of being the actual cause of the fire? Well, this is complex but don’t worry. This article will outline some common fire hazards, and what you can do to avoid them. However, before I get you started, I must tell you that the list is not exhaustive; the key is to always act responsibly.

Fire Hazards in Condos:

  • Cigarettes smoking – although individuals are increasingly adopting the environment friendly electronic cigarettes, more than 40 million US citizens still smoke tobacco. It is vital for you if you are living in uptown Charlotte condos and you smoke tobacco to make sure you dispose the cigarettes responsibly. Further, do not dispose of your cigarette by leaving it unattended. You can easily be a major cause of fire.
  • Candles – Uptown Charlotte living would be nicer if all resident using candles never leave them unattended. Further, never place candles on flammable surfaces. Plastic and papers all pose critical fire hazards. Always make sure you keep the candles out of children reach so that they don’t knock it off and cause fire. You should also make sure you blow them off before retiring to bed.
  • Cooking areas – The kitchen has huge potential of fire breakout. Make sure you are cautious when cooking and that you don’t leave your oven or stove on away. Always make sure you have a fire extinguisher on sight just in case fire breaks up.

Above all, make sure you are aware of fire evacuation routes just in case fire breaks out. You should also have several fire extinguishers in each floor. Also, ensure your fire alarm are well maintained and in working conditions at all times. Lastly, ensure your fire sprinkler system is working. Taking all these measures seriously is the only way to ensure Uptown Charlotte condos are fire proof. It has to be a collective effort of Uptown Charlotte living individuals.